Satellite Telemetry & Telecommand Systems

Designed for the Microsoft® Windows® Platform


SatView™ is a product developed by Binary Space and designed to provide a complete set of telemetry monitoring & commanding services necessary to control satellites. It is suited for satellite builders by providing effective support during Assembly, Integration and Testing (AIT) but also for satellite operators controlling a satellite during all sub-sequent life-cycles (IOT, NOP).
SatView™ is built upon standard hardware and software in order to reduce cost and complexity and is sold as a turn-key system with common ground-station interfaces.

Evaluation Topics SatView™ Desktop

The SatView™ environment consists of two main applications:

SatView™ Desktop

Supports all activities related to the real-time operations (e.g. telemetry data processing & visualization, telecommands, data archiving & retrievals and much more).

SatView™ Editor

SatView™ Editor

Handles all off-line database tasks (e.g. database updates & parsing, mimics displays and script development as well as testing).
Currently, ESA's SCOS-2000 and L-3's database standards are supported.

An additional application, called SatView™ Simulator, is available providing simulated telemetry data for testing purposes. It is highly customizable and can easily be adapted to different data formats.