Satellite Telemetry & Telecommand Systems

Designed for the Microsoft® Windows® Platform

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Satellite Control Center

Binary Space is developing state-of-the-art Satellite Telemetry Monitoring & Commanding Systems (TM/TC) for over 25 years now. Combining the latest available industrial developments and up-to-date hardware and software technologies has resulted in our current product SatView™. It is suited for satellite builders by providing effective support during Assembly, Integration and Testing (AIT) but also for operations companies controlling a satellite during all sub-sequent lifecycles (IOT, NOP). SatView™ is built upon standard hardware and software in order to reduce cost, complexity and is sold as a turn-key system with standard ground-station interfaces. Due to its extended set of automation services, it can also be used to control spacecraft autonomously; operators can be notified by phone calls or mails of any occurring anomalies. Reporting services allow the independent generation of documents by implementing the automation concept (e.g. by automating Microsoft® Office®).
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